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What is Callirobics for Adults?

Callirobics-for-Adults is a program designed to help adults regain handwriting skills to music. The music as an auditory cue will assist in initiating writing movements, and will help develop a sense of rhythm in writing. The program consists of two sections: Exercises of simple graphical shapes that help gain fluency in the writing movement and exercises of various combinations of cursive letters.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who would like to regain the small-muscle coordination and/or handwriting skills after temporary loss due to, e.g., stroke, head injury, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's diseases and developmental disability.


Callirobics-for-Adults Offers:

  • Sensory integration,

  • Fluency in the writing movement,

  • Music in the style of the 20s, 30s & 40s,

  • Individual or group activity,

  • Calm and relaxing exercises,

  • Improved eye-hand & small-muscle coordination,

  • Teacher's guide enclosed offers more elaborate programs for advanced participants.

Typical Responses from Participants:

Adult Education Course

"I can close my circles." Christine P., stroke survivor

"My husband wrote a letter to each of our sons for the first time in years, which they were able to read easily." - Rose, the wife of a Parkinson disease patient

"I liked it. It made me feel I was doing something good...something that I was always looking forward to. I felt I really could do my letters well." Margaret F., stroke survivor

..."Both Jean L. and Jean M., who have Parkinson's disease, stopped shaking during our half-hour sessions; their concentration was enhanced. After five minutes at the session, Jean L. did not need her medication for the next half hour. Jean would arrive shaking, and was able to concentrate and enjoy the Callirobics music, which helped her to relax." Ms. Alerinda T., nursing home program administrator.

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