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Samples from the Workbooks

Callirobics ABC

Callirobics Learning Letters.JPG

Callirobics ABC, Learning Letters to Music helps the beginner writer to recognize the letters of the alphabet through a fun, stimulating stress-free activity.

Beginners, Basic Shapes to Music


Callirobics-for-Beginners is designed to acquaint participants with the basic lines and shapes that are building blocks for writing. The program is ideal for participants with low-developmental ability or for younger kids that just starting to experiment with "writing."

Ages 4-7


Callirobics Ages 4-7 are a series of simple and enjoyable graphical patterns to be traced by the child while listening to popular melodies. These patterns introduce the basic elements of writing movements in a "stress free" method.

Ages 7-14


In the program for ages 7-14 the patterns are more advanced, connected and geared for cursive writing. There are ten sessions with two exercises in each session. The music is upbeat for the straight patterns. It is calm and slow for the curved and round patterns.



Callirobics-Advanced allows those who have finished earlier Callirobics programs to continue improving their handwriting in a fun and creative way. Inspired by hundreds of letters, Callirobics-Advanced lets you create your own shapes set to popular music from around the world. It was featured in Creative Child Magazine.



Callirobics-for-Adults is a program designed to help adults regain handwriting skills to music. The music as an auditory cue will assist in initiating writing movements, and will help develop a sense of rhythm in writing. The program consists of two sections: Exercises of simple graphical shapes that help gain fluency in the writing movement and exercises of various combinations of cursive letters.

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