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What is Callirobics Advanced?

Callirobics-Advanced allows those who have finished earlier Callirobics programs to continue improving their handwriting in a fun and creative way. Inspired by hundreds of letters, Callirobics-Advanced lets you create your own shapes set to popular music from around the world. Was featured in Creative Child Magazine.

How Can Practicing Shapes Instead of Letters Improve Handwriting?

Children as well as adults who experience difficulty in writing letters usually do not have problems with drawing shapes. Yet drawing these same shapes trains the hand to perform the same basic movements of handwriting but without the frustration of practicing letters. The accompanying music adds rythm to the writing. This makes the activity more enjoyable, especially to participants who have a strong auditory preference.


How Do I Select the Right Program For My Child?

Age is not always the factor we need to go by when we work with children. It is important that parents/practitioners match the program to the child's ability and not the age.

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