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What is Callirobics Ages 7-14?

Callirobics Ages 7-14 are a series of simple and enjoyable graphical patterns to be traced by the child while listening to popular melodies. These patterns introduce the basic elements of writing movements in a "stress free" method.

How is Callirobics Ages 7-14 different from Callirobics Ages 4-7?

In both programs the children practice patterns to music. In the program for ages 4-7 the patterns are easy, disconnected and geared for printing. There are 11 exercises and each exercise is practiced for only two and a half minutes. The music includes popular children's melodies. (Like Row Row Your Boat, London bridge, Mary Had a Little Lamb, etc.).

In the program for ages 7-14 the patterns are more advanced, connected and geared for cursive writing. There are ten sessions with two exercises in each session. Each session is practiced for five minutes. We recommended to repeat it for a whole week. The music is upbeat for the straight patterns. It is calm and slow for the curved and round patterns.

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How Do I Select the Right Program For My Child?

Age is not always the factor we need to go by when we work with children. It is important that parents/practitioners match the program to the child's ability and not the age.

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